After graduating from CalArts, I decided to take a small break from the full time pursuit of music and took a job with the U.S. Postal Service, as a mail clerk. While working at the Post Office, I toured locally with a group called 7 Erotic Days that was based out of New Orleans. We played at different clubs and social events and opened for groups such as LeVert and various R&B acts. 7 Erotic days went on for about six months, and then I received a call from Bruce Sterling, who was the head of an agency call “Active Entertainment,” to come audition to go on tour with a band called SpearHead. After a two day audition, I got the gig, quit the Post Office, and started the tour.

While on tour in Minneapolis, I hooked up with R&B vocalist Jon B and started to tour with him. While touring with Jon B I performed in videos with Mary J. Blige and various artists. In the summer of 1999, I toured with Mya at the Lilith Fair, which started in Vancouver and tracked its way across the U.S. in oneto two months. I continued to tour off and on with Mya for two years.

My next big break came when Bruce Sterling called me once again to play on a talk show spin-off of Arsenio Hall and Jay Leno, called “Live in L.A.,” that would be aired on the B.E.T. network. Since the call, I have been the drummer of “Live in L.A.” I have performed for the Blockbuster Movie Awards with Mariah Carey, and have performed with Tyrese, Dream and many other artists. I have also honed in on my writing and producing skills, along with being the drummer for Rayzing Sons. I'm also an Actor.

I plan on getting more involved in acting and scoring for films, especially Horror films. I love the idea of drama and suspense that comes along with the music in Horror films. This is my story, and if there is one thing I could leave you with, that would be to stay positive and be the best that you can be at whatever you set out to do, God will never let you down.


AYDIEE' VAUGHN, began her introduction to showBiz at the age of six. She started out as a tap dancer, barely had footing on what would now be her future. She attended the San Diego School of Creative & Performings for most of her formal training in the arts and education. Growing up in a household of three older sybllings made her a bit of a tomboy and very competitive athelete. Though tough, with a soft touch, growing up was no easy task. Early on her parents divorced, and she continued her journey as struggling artist, never loosing site of her dreams. She was embraced by the local Girls and Boys Clubs where she had the opportunity to grow and build upon her many talnets. Known for her long legs, she was one of the tallest gymnast. She was one of the Girls Club top all around gymnastic competitiors, coached by Orlando Coons. Vaugh managed to land high scores on (Vault & Floor). Her traing both as a dancer and athelete she had such grace in motion. Not only was she a memeber of USGF, but she also began to display her talnets as a routine writer, junior gym coach, and dance instructor. Even creating her very own Talent & Scholastic pagent for young girls of which she was the sole founder, with support by Girls club administrative staff. She has been awarded by a host of organizations for her outstanding youth achievements, and for her committment to the arts and education of inner city youth. She has several titles, and awards all by the age of 18. Miss Vaughn has always been a determined spirit, and a becon of light to all those she encounters. She has worked in the public, and private school systems teaching: mommy & me, aerobics, child development and socialization instructor, dance, gymnastics, theatre, arts & crafts. Her talents are as diverse as the people she knows.

Although her credits are a mere shadow compared to some of the hollywood starlettes, she has managed to hold her own, in a business that comes and goes. Her career spands for more than 26 years. Aydiee Vaughn has worn the title "Tripple Threat Diva." Her past career came to an end in 1997 due to an unfortunate gymnastics accident. Recognized as one of the hottest dancers, choreographers/ and dynamic performers behind some of the artist we admire today. She has worked along sides with such artist as: Barry White, The Whispers, Al B. Sure! Portrait, Miki Howard, The Chimes, Voices, Jasmine Guy, Kool Skool, DTB, Brenda Russell, Paul Jackson, Jr. and more...! Not only does this rising star have acting. dancing, singing, writing choreography, teacher & athelete as her foundation, her diversity has made way for opportunities in other areas she now explores. she is embarking on new territory as a rising young executive producer/dir. She lauched her own show this past Jan 2004 tiled "The Bus Stop a Singers Showcase" Casting (14) people and staff. (See- write up) -Press Kit available.

This young lady has surrmounted many obstacles. She is currently pursuing her career as a working actress. Many says, she has the caliber of talent legends are built on. Though she admits, she is often very shy, but when its time to get the job done, she does it! Everything in its own season. Surely she will have her time in the spotlight! Aydiee' Vaughn, a spirit with heart, integrity & hope.


My name is Bianca Rae. I am pursuing entertainment anchoring and hosting. Home is often hard to decipher for me, for I was born in Chicago, went to school at the University of Missouri for four years, yet spent my summers interning in Los Angeles. My roots are in Chicago with my gamily, who i am very close with, yet if home is where your heart is, I am a California girl. I knew I wanted to be a journalist from the moment i was old enough to have actual conversations with people. I was always searching for more details and asking thought provoking questions. I have interned at KTLA, ! Entertainment, and FOX Sports and am using the foundation I built for myself in LA to start my career. I have always said you can tell what your calling is when you watch someone do something and feel a strange magnetic desire to get up there and do it with them. When i watch entertainment hosts anchors, I literally cannot stay in my seat. I know this is what i am meant to do, and i am ready to work hard achieving it.


Davina Joy started making her mark in the horror/action genre in 2004. Since her first release (“Death of A Ghost Hunter” 2008) she has been busy working as a full time actress in the Arizona market, with plans to expand into LA in January of 2011.

She has worked on a multiple number of independent films, two of which were accepted submissions at the New York City Horror Film Festival, “Death of a Ghost Hunter,” 2007 and winner of the “Best Screen Play” Award and “Ave Maria,” 2009. To date, Davina Joy has six national movie releases, “Death of a Ghost Hunter” (2008), “Flesh TX” (2009), “Star Quest” (2009), “Blood Moon Rising” (2009), “Reborn” (2009) and “The 11th Aggression” (2010).

Her most recent short film, “Tension of Skin” (by Synthetic Human Pictures) was accepted into Philadelphia’s 5th Annual 2010 Project Twenty1 Film Festival. Davina Joy played the lead role of “Sharon” and with her co-star, received the “Best Acting” Award. In Arizona’s 6th Annual 2010 A3f

48-Hour Short Film Challenge, “Being Nigel” (by Synthetic Human Pictures) where she co-starred and played the role of “Heaven,” won the “Best Acting Ensemble” Award. Davina is enthusiastically awaiting her next two movie releases, “Closets,” starring Corbin Bernsen and “End of the Road,” starring Doug Jones.

Keep an eye out for her, because Davina Joy is ready to Go Big!


From there he went on to appear in other minor roles in many films including Any Given Sunday, 13 Moons and as the club doorman, in Cradle 2 the Grave. Speight has also appeared in many television shows such as Malcolm in the Middle, NYPD Blue, Arli$$, Prison Break and My Wife and Kids.

In 2003, Speight appeared in a Reebok commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. The role was based on a character that Speight had played in a short independent film in 2000. In the commercial, Speight plays Terry Tate, an office linebacker charged with the enforcement of office policies. For example, when one employee finishes the office's coffee and fails to begin brewing more, he is quickly tackled by Tate, who stands over the man, screaming "You kill the joe, you make some mo'!" Within the commercials, Speight promotes recycling, dutiful work, and several other courteous actions. The commercials received critical acclaim, and according to The Hollywood Reporter was the most watched part of the Super Bowl by TiVo viewers. The Office Linebacker spots recently returned as part of a campaign in support of voting. They feature several notable shorts of Terry Tate tackling a blind-sided Sarah Palin, leaving her moaning in pain on the ground. Tate emphasizes the importance of reading and providing lucid responses during media interviews.

Speight also had a recurring role on Damon Wayan's ABC series My Wife and Kids as Calvin Scott, the father of Vanessa Scott. For the 2006 Xbox 360 game Gears of War, Speight voiced the role of former "Thrashball" player Augustus Cole (a.k.a. Cole Train), humorously re-using some of his characteristic lines. He won the G-Phoria '07 award for Best Voiceover. Speight later reprised the role for Gears of War 2 in 2008, Gears of War 3 in 2011 and Gears of War: Judgement in 2013

Speight guest-starred as prison inmate Banks on the show Prison Break. Speight also had a role in the 2007 Eddie Murphy motion picture Norbit as Blue, one of the three brothers of Rasputia. He also appeared in Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, as a character who is interrogated using racist methods. He then had a small role in the film Bachelor Party Vegas, as Gold Tooth, a prison rapist.

Speight appeared in an episode of ESPN's Mayne Street comedy short. In the 2008 TV film Ring of Death, Speight played convict "Milton Kennedy", a feared and revered gang boss (nicknamed "The President"), and undefeated champion of an underground fighting tournament in a notorious prison.

In 2009, Speight appeared in an episode of Bones, "Double Trouble in the Panhandle", which aired on the Fox Broadcasting Company. He played the Traveling Circus's strong man "Magnum".


I am a young bright eyed actress.  Her passion for acting started in 2005 when she worked full time as a make-up artist and thought this is not her ending.  Always wanted to be an actress she quit her job to pursue her craft.  Studied with some great coaches and dived right into the business.  She has worked on some great films and is now S.A.G Eligible.  Her latest film is "Amara" a dramatic film where a young women is dealing with the battle of cancer will be out early next year. An old soul for her age she can do many roles from comedy to dramatic.




FILM:  Friday After Next,Crime Brother #1,Revolution Studios,Piriah,Mario,Poor Boy Production,Poetic Justice,Cousin and

John Nickle Productions


TELEVISION: Tracey Takes On,Lester,Showtime,NYPD Blue,Shorty Boom (2 eps.),20TH Century,Ellen,Dale,Buena Vista

Moesha,June Bug (3 eps.),Big Ticket Ent.Knock, Knock,Gary,Universal Studios



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