My name is Franck Boistel, I am the founder and creator of Mocactia. Mocactia means "putting shoes on" in the Aztec language, The Nahuatl, still spoken today in parts of Mexico.Mocactia footwear is a brand like no others. I am launching the brand with a very unique Aztec footwear style that I decided to bring back to life after a drawing of it caught my eye on an Aztec manuscript. I felt instantly fascinated by the two toe loop feature and the attachment with the high backstay making this shoe a prefect sandal made for walking and running. I instantly envisioned this cool ancient design strolling summer’s urban streets and beach around the world to the point to launch my brand and invest all my time, and energy to make it happen. Check it out; when you place your foot on the foot bed and attach the sandal to your feet, you will feel like you wear nothing and your foot will have support in the same time. Also, the sandal and all the other products I will launch will be very fashionable and ground breaking. The Aztec sandal is a perfect new women footwear style, simple, comfortable and stylish. The Aztec people designed this sandal perfectly adapted to warm weather and long walks or run. This is why I wanted to bring this style back and share it to the world, it is a gem of human technology, comfort and craft that has been long time forgotten.

Our goal for the brand is to launch to market relevant, stylish and functional footwear with a story related to all of us. I feel fortunate I came across this, and my goal is to launch a successful new footwear brand in the spring of 2012 that will bring a unique point of view and a renewed aesthetic to the footwear world. If our Mocactia brand is successful, we will make sure that 5% of the proceeds go to environmental and educational projects across the Americas starting in Mexico where the Aztec sandal has been first created.


ONETRUESOUL stands for a unique lifestyle of the hungry, driven individuals. Such determination gets rooted deep into a mixture of pop culture and ethnic uprisings that defines us as artists. ONETRUESOUL designs with the thought in mind of soul exploring experiences. Our outcome and product result pushes aside all barriers and consequences that would disturb the desired meaning of ONETRUESOUL.

The beginnings of ONETRUESOUL started a few years ago in the summer of 2008 and it stemmed from designing tee shirts for leisure. The designs slowly grew and gained popularity as well as appreciation from our supporters.

ONETRUESOUL product is sold in limited quantities online at ONETRUESOUL.com and also in the most prestigious street wear boutiques in SF such as TRUE. We truly believe in giving back to the community; keeping in contact with our non profit agencies to give back to the community when there is opportunity.

We are grateful to our supporters and fans for allowing us to do what we love, which is to design clothing that express our inner style and passion. We are very excited so please kick back, relax and stay along with the ride, because there will be much more to come in the upcoming years.


Established in 2005 SoundChick Accessories is a unique accessories brand that produces the finest quality, visually artistic and culturally inspired couture accessories and designs. SoundChick Accessories include the popular Chick Feather Earrings

Chick Feather earrings and accessories; made of Dyed and Natural Peacock; Coque Tail; Turkey and other exotic feathers. The natural iridescent beauty and unique pattern in each feather intertwined with vision of the designer introduces unconventional and culturally inspired use of color to the artistic and high fashion jewelry pieces.

Chick Feathers are the perfect accessory to your entire wardrobe from casual to jazzy yet add an earthy accent to your fashion sense. The uniqueness of each feather undeniably makes each piece of jewelry timeless and one of a kind. Chick Feather earrings and accessories are available in customized pieces and can be set in the metal of your choice. Accents may include gemstones, crystals and beads.



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