Well Connected Gear is the brainchild of designer and president Lucian Nehemiah. The son of an General Contractor and a loving homemaker, Lucian has lived in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin and California. But whether it’s New York City, Chicago, St. Louis or Los Angeles, Lucian has always absorbed the local flavor. His experiences have resulted in clothes that possess the living-large feel of hardcore apparel, the easygoing spirit of college style, the function of sportswear and the crisp, neat lines of preppie fashion. ”I want Well Connected Gear to stand for a lifestyle where everybody participates,” Lucian says. “Of course,

I also want my clothes to stand for style and quality, but I really believe all walks of life can wear and enjoy my gear. The hip hop community can relate to it, dancers can relate to it, skaters, models, corporate America and everyone across the color lines can relate to it. Basically, Well Connected Gear is based on diversity. ”The WCG saga begins in Newark, NJ where Lucian spent a great deal of his childhood. Having inherited his mother’s fine sense of fashion, Lucian grew up reading GQ and cultivating his own style. “I was never the kind of guy that had to have the bling-bling because everybody else had it,” Lucian says. “I’ve always enjoyed coordinating things, mixing and matching. I could always tell what separate accessories would look good together.”

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